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Twitter roundup for Saturday 7/26

Here’re some highlights of the @aroundthefield tweets for Saturday.

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“Around the Field” at AirVenture Oshkosh 14

ATF-logoI’m in Oshkosh Wisconsin for the 2014 edition of the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration, AirVenture.

I’ll be posting a lot of content this week, as well as collecting material for future pubs.

Check back here throughout the week for daily reports. And follow @aroundthefield on twitter for multiple daily views of what’s going on at and around Wittman Field.

Sobering in-cockpit video of wake turbulence encounter

The first 2.5 minutes of this video show video from the cockpit of a training C172 flight that might have had a very very bad outcome.

They fly into wake turbulence that rolls them 50 degrees on very short final. It happens so fast. A lesson to be learned here.

[I'm posting this from the Amtrak train to NYC, and the onboard wifi is blocking youtube (understandable, but annoying), so all I can give you right now is the direct link to the vid. Later I will replace this with the embedded video.]